Experience the Power of Our Passive Iodine Inhaler

Harnessing the Legendary Antiseptic Properties of Povidone Iodine

Passive Iodine Inhaler bottle
Passive Iodine Inhaler bottle

100 Years of safe, effective use

Discover the Power of the Passive Iodine Inhaler

Experience the groundbreaking Passive Iodine Inhaler, harnessing the legendary bactericidal and virucidal properties of Povidone Iodine (PVP-I). With iodine's proven safety and effectiveness, our inhaler offers a new way to benefit from PVP-I's sporicidal, fungicidal, protozoacidal, and virucidal effects. Join the millions worldwide who trust PVP-I for surgical prep, wound care, oral hygiene, and more. The Passive Iodine Inhaler costs $200 with 10 refills. Click HERE to order the Inhaler.

Iodine inhaler
Iodine inhaler

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Why the Passive Iodine Inhaler Works So Well

The Iodine Inhaler allows you to breathe in disease-fighting, effective and safe vaporized povidone-iodine, in its molecular form. The vapor enters directly into the lungs and thence to the bloodstream. Iodine's proven anti-microbial properties are known for their effectiveness against pathogens, while remaining safe for mucous membranes and skin. Remarkably, a totally non-cytotoxic 1% dilution of PVP-I is 10x more antimicrobial than a 10% concentration. Order the Inhaler HERE with a few clicks.

Molecular Iodine Refill Bottles
Molecular Iodine Refill Bottles


The Inhaler Comes with 10 free Refill Bottles

The Passive Iodine Inhaler comes with 10 free refill bottles - enough for over 2 months' supply of liquid 1% PVP-I. Need more? Just call anytime, 24x7: 305 667-9375. An additional 10 refills are only $10 (shipping extra).

To order the Passive (Molecular) Iodine Inhaler, CLICK HERE

About Iodine Products, Inc.

Ten years ago, a group of scientists met to explore the vast opportunities for improving American life and health - with iodine. We learned that 80 years ago, the "Father of Virology," Nobel Prizewinner Dr. F. M. Burnet, proved that inhaled iodine prevents pandemic flu disease. We learned that nearly half of all American women of childbearing age are iodine insufficient, if not frankly deficient - creating lowered I.Q. and impaired health for their babies. We learned that iodine is used in every operating theatre of the world, daily - but not deployed in general medicine....because....it is just too inexpensive. We learned that many Americans over 45 suffer cognitive decline, linked to insufficient brain iodine. We intend to fix these problems.

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